What is Learning & Development?

Learning and Development (L&D) refers to the process of acquiring new knowledge, skills, and competencies that contribute to personal and professional growth. In today's fast-paced business environment, L&D has become critical not only for individual growth but also for organizations trying to remain competitive and meet the changing needs of their customers. By investing in employee development, organizations can attract and retain talent, improve financial performance, resolve conflicts, train future leaders, and create a positive workplace culture.

Attract And Retain Talent

At UPstream, we understand the importance of the first 40 onboarding hours. It's the prime opportunity to make a lasting positive impression on new employees. Research from the Society of Human Resource Management (S.H.R.M.) and other sources underscores that effective onboarding significantly impacts employee retention, with studies showing retention rates improving by up to 82% with great onboarding experiences. Our approach involves meticulously assessing your current onboarding process, identifying areas for improvement, and implementing tailored solutions, whether it's updating training materials, refining communication protocols, or integrating new technology solutions.
How we help:
Job Post Writing 
Recruiting Support (reviewing applications, interviewing, selecting candidates)
Custom Onboarding Process Advising 
Employee Engagement Strategic Planning Advising 
Professional Growth Workshops

Improve Financial Performance 

Improving financial performance hinges on optimizing workload management and resolving conflicts efficiently. Research from the Project Management Institute highlights the staggering costs organizations incur due to poor project performance, emphasizing the urgency of effective process improvement strategies. By rallying the team around process enhancement initiatives, businesses can pinpoint strengths and weaknesses, paving the way for tailored strategies to boost productivity and drive financial success. Furthermore, addressing conflict within the workplace is crucial, as it not only diverts valuable time from productive tasks but also undermines morale and job satisfaction, ultimately impacting overall productivity. 
How we help:
Customized Performance Reviews
Business Process Improvement
DISC Personality Assessment & Workshop - Discover the Strengths of the Team

Conflict Resolution

At UPstream, effective conflict resolution begins with understanding individual personalities and fostering job clarity within the team. Our comprehensive approach utilizes advanced tools like the DISC assessment, providing deep insights into communication styles and behavioral tendencies. By recognizing these differences, team members can navigate conflicts more effectively, leveraging their strengths to find mutually beneficial solutions. Additionally, establishing job clarity is paramount to reducing conflict and enhancing productivity. Through our proven process, we work closely with businesses to define clear roles and responsibilities for each team member, fostering a culture of accountability that drives success.
How we help:
DISC Personality Workshop + Assessment - 3 Sessions (1 hour each) 
Navigating Conflict: Building Skills for Identifying and Resolving Workplace Issues - 3 Sessions (1 hour each) 
Leading a Multi-Generational Workforce - Lunch-N-Learn 
Job Description Writing 
New Manager Training & Coaching 

Train Future Leaders

At UPstream, we recognize the vital role of effective communication in grooming future leaders. Studies show that new managers prioritize soft skills like communication, yet many need help. Our focus on communication training addresses this gap, empowering leaders to effectively engage and inspire their teams. Research by Gallup underscores the importance of strong communicators in driving employee engagement and project success, leading to higher customer satisfaction rates. Communication lies at the heart of leadership, serving as the cornerstone for building trust, fostering collaboration, and achieving organizational goals.
How we help:
The Leadership Game (2 Hours) - In-person / Virtual 
The UPstream Leadership Accelerator: Mastering the Skills to Lead with Impact - 6 Sessions (1 hour each) 
Leadership Transitions / Succession Planning 
How to be a C.L.E.A.R Leader - 6 Sessions (1 hour)
New Manager Training Program - 5 Sessions ( 1 Hour) 
Becoming a person of Influence - 3 Sessions (1 Hour) 
Crisis Leadership - 2 Sessions (1 hour each) 


Culture is the invisible yet powerful force that shapes every aspect of an organization. Just like a dirty plate can devalue the most delicious steak, a toxic culture can undermine even the best strategies and visions. At UPstream, we understand that culture is where vision and strategy thrive or wither away. It's how heroes are made within an organization, shaped by what is rewarded and punished. While toxic cultures may not be immediately apparent, their destructive effects can be just as deadly as carbon monoxide. That's why we focus on nurturing a healthy culture from the ground up, recognizing that it's sustained from the bottom, created at the top, and often critically influenced by middle management.
How we help:
Effective communication - 3 Sessions (1 Hour)
360-Degree Feedback Assessment
Change Management: Assisting with organizational change initiatives, including mergers, acquisitions, restructuring, and cultural transformations.
Culture Development Coaching & Strategic Planning Advising 

Discovery Call

The best place to begin is by listening to you, asking lots of questions, and planning to move forward. UPstream helps small businesses grow through learning and development. Contact us today to get started.

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