Who Helps Your Money Grow?

Why is your money where it is now? When was the last time you or someone else objectively looked at how it was working for you and whether it was appropriate for meeting your goals? If you don't have good answers to these questions, or even want to go back to surfing Facebook when you hear us asking, then it's time to sit down for a conversation. We have three basic values when it comes to investments - transparency, simplicity, and independence.


The investment world is a big culprit when it comes to the fine print. You will always be told everything you need to know, but it might be tiny at the bottom of a page or buried in 100 pages of jargon. Our job and promise to you are to make that easier. If one investment costs more than another one with equal performance, we tell you. If one choice has some big downsides that might not be obvious at first, we tell you. If selling option A over option B pays our advisors more, we tell you. And most importantly, we spend as much time with you as it takes to make sure you understand where your money is, why it is there, and how it fits into your plan.


Some of the solutions available that can help you achieve your goals are complicated, but only as long as you don't take the time to understand or don't have a partner helping you understand it. With us, you will never have complications for the sake of itself or to make you think we know more than you so you need to work with us. No question is too dumb and we do not stop explaining until you are completely comfortable with what we have decided.


We are all independent advisors. Why does that matter? Because we have no one to answer to but you. Our clients are our reason for being. We don't have a board, shareholders, quotas, or even special relationships with investment companies. We are not being asked to suggest one particular solution in order to sell a product, and we are not limited in what we can offer. We are not told what kinds of clients we can work with nor forced to refer people to someone else. Helping you achieve your goals is our only priority.

As for the qualification stuff at UPstream, yes, our advisors are all fully securities licensed, so the solutions we offer will never be limited by our ability to suggest them or knowledge of how they work. Through a partnership with our broker-dealer, Triad-Advisors, we have built a team of resources to help us keep current on all that matter to making us capable of our jobs. This includes compliance, product changes, and legislation that affects our clients or us. We all have backgrounds in this industry of which we are proud and encourage you to check us out a FINRA BROKER CHECK.


Job Change

Just Messy

Where Do You Start?

So, you have spent your working years putting all you can into your 401(k), but now, it's time to stop saving the money and start making sure it will last. Don't know how to re-allocate to manage risk and produce income? Let us help!

Change Brings Opportunity

Did you recently change jobs? While you focus on learning the ropes at the new job, let us worry about what do with that old 401(k), your stock options or restricted stock, and maybe even that other old 401(k) from the time before this.

We Love Problem Solving

Have you done your best to choose well, but ended up with accounts all over the place or advice coming from different advisors. You know, the guy on CNBC and your brother-in-law? Let us take a look and give you a free objective opinion on all the different pieces.

Where do you start?
Changing Advisors?
We never charge for a first meeting, so give us a call and let's get something set up. If you are currently working with an advisor, we'll spend some time with you learning what works, what doesn't and where you are in your current plan so we can give you a second opinion about it. At UPstream, you will always get the truth from us, so we will tell you if we think you are in good shape or only need to tweak a few things. If you are ready for a change or need more individual attention, we can also put together a full proposal for you of what it might look like to work with us.

Never worked with an advisor?
Our first consultation meeting is always free. We spend as much time with you as needed to figure out where we can help, then we propose a plan. We do fee for service financial planning, much like your attorney or CPA might do, that provides you with a financial plan you can take with you and implement as you see fit, on your own or with the help of any advisor. We also provide financial planning for our investment advisory clients who choose to do the planning and the implementation with us. The choice is yours. Our job is to present you with your options and let you decide. Our goal is to help you accomplish yours, whatever that may look like in your life. Just give us a call and let us help.
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