Company Focused

When you became an industry leader, you did so through hard work and making smart decisions. Some of those decisions involved shopping around and looking for that best service provider for your company. Is your benefits advisor that person who wooed you on the front end, but now is just going through the motions? When was the last time you received a second opinion for your employee benefits? The insurance landscape is changing constantly and UPstream knows how to keep up. Employee benefits cost every company time and money so you want to make sure you have an insurance advisor who is paying attention to your interest and not just theirs.

No Sloppy Management Here

As your business grows in size so does your responsibility. Did you know that most insurance providers require you to keep on file an employee's enrollment form up to 10 years? We know this and that is precisely why we offer our clients military-grade encrypted cloud storage for all their enrollment and termination employee documents. We also use secure employee communications and electronic signatures when communicating with your staff. 

Employees In The Know

We hear all the time from employees that they have no idea what benefits they have. Yes, employees should know what they have. Now that we have that cleared up, your employee benefits advisor should also make sure your employees are aware of what benefits they have and how to best use them. UPstream provides each employee with an online benefits guide specific to your company which clearly states what benefits are offered, how to take advantage of them, and what they cost. The Affordable Care Act mandates certain communication to employees several times throughout the year, so you may want to check in with your advisor if you have not heard from them.

Providing The Right Benefits

When was the last time you asked your employees what benefits are important to them? A young workforce may value certain employee benefits over a more experienced and mature one. Asking this simple question may reveal you are wasting money as a company. Yes, life insurance may be important to you the business owner but your staff may not care. A recent company we have helped did this and found out they were missing the mark big time. Overwhelmingly their young workforce wanted access to a retirement plan. Before you gasp for air and just say that is way too expensive, you may want to hear out an UPstream advisor first. You do not need to have a large company to have an affordable and well-run retirement plan or small business 401(k) plan. Let us help you and your company continue to lead well and focus on attracting and retaining the talented employees you need.