Growing Employee Benefits

As businesses grow and prosper, so do their employee benefits. Is your company providing benefits that your employees want and need? Have you considered adding supplemental insurance, such as accident insurance, long or short term disability insurance, and life insurance? Surveys and data tell us, these employee benefits are rated highly important to employees only second to healthcare insurance. Offering a flat $25,000 group life insurance benefit to your employees can cost as little as $2.00 - $5.00 a month per employee. This small investment by a company goes a long way to boosting morale by letting your employees know you care about them both on and off the job. Many ancillary insurance benefits can also be offered to part-time employees as well.

Employee Benefit Management

If you are managing all aspects of your company's employee benefits, please know there is a better way. It's called UPstream! We may not know much about your business but we know benefits and we want to manage them for you. You are the business owner, CEO, CFO, or office manager and not the benefits expert. Making a mistake can be costly, fixing a problem with your healthcare provider takes time, and helping the new employee understand the benefits can be frustrating. The hardest task we ask you to do when UPstream manages your company's benefits is send an email or give us a call about your needs. We will communicate with the insurance carrier, research a solution for the issue, and enroll the new employee answering all their questions.

Dedicated Advisor

Does your insurance advisor only check in around your renewal time or you just receive a lonely automated email with a bunch of benefit "stuff" in it to figure out? UPstream operates a little differently. We believe that companies like one point of contact for their employee benefits. Each of our advisors has a team around them and that team is dedicated to your business. We are a small business and darn proud of it. We are not interested in robot-like service but one-on-one human interaction. If you like robots and only talking to a website, then we may not be a good fit for you.

Independent Advisors

Have you been shown an alternative to your current employee benefit plan? Sometimes advisors stick with certain carriers for incentive bonuses, larger commissions, or they are just afraid of change. UPstream is not afraid of change or partial to any particular plan. We are partial to what works best for you. Yes, some carriers are easier to work with than others but please remember, you work with us and we work with the carrier. Often we fight fires that the client will never know because it is important to us that your employee benefits run smoothly.